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Friday, December 5, 2008

The What and the Why of Pictures, Poetry & Prose

I often wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. Poor Hubby, he probably can't begin to count how many times I have not so quietly whispered, "You awake?" and he grumbles and mumbles, "I had this idea," I will continue, and his grumbles and mumbles turn into groans and moans. And I tell him my idea and he kisses me says something like, "That's nice, dear." And shortly after that he is snoring again, hmmmm, not sure he appreciated the genius of my new idea about ________. I have also been know to call Kay or Mom very early the next morning with my ideas. And they always listen and never snore after. Though was that a sigh I heard just before the phone was hung up?

What kind of ideas? Oh, you know, anything... inventions, board games, party games, ways to do good in the world, ways to cook salmon, ways to inspire others, getting bikes to get in shape, ways to inspire others to do good in the world, anything and everything.

So just over a month ago it was lovely as another friend had this idea. Well, not exactly the idea that Pictures, Poetry & Prose turned out to be. He likes to take beautiful photographs, I like to write. He suggested we inspire each other and exchange the two via email. Of course, I couldn't just let that be it. I loved this idea. No wait... I LOVED this idea. Using photos to inspire writing. It was simple and brilliant. Yes, has probably been done before. But not by me, in this way. And I was already blogging. I understood the concept. I love inspiring others to write. WOW this could work. The mental train of thought is occasionally a really fast bullet train, and I just hang on for the ride.

So after waking up at about 2 in the a.m. I didn't wake Hubby this time. I turned on my laptop and outlined a few ideas and then... just started doing. Sometimes you just need to do that, just do it (sorry Nike for plagiarism there). I took my friend's idea and expanded on it, and then expanded some more.

Highlander (thus nicknamed as he is from Scotland) the friend with the idea, has a lovely catalog of photos. And I began to really look at them found several that motivated me with ideas and saved those to my own computer. But I needed a name... a name... a name... a name. His idea was the pictures, I wanted that first and the poetry and prose just fell in a nice alliteration-ish line. Images, Ideas and Inspiration, I just love the concept, this is what I wanted to offer, beautiful and unique images that inspire. My friends Kathryn and Cyndy (I was so hoping they would want to participate, and yea!! they did) also have online sites for their photos that I have always found them inspirational and so when they allowed me free access to their images I was on a fast roll down a nice creative hill. Oh, and the quote... On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops.Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs. ... one of my favorites, taken from A River Runs Through It. I just love this quote. And now, a month later, people are sharing, really writing and being inspired. Photographers and artists are joining and sharing their visions and being a part of this amazing process. Every day I do a little happy dance to read and see and share and be a part of this creativity. It fills me up with pleasure.

When I was president of my writers group, Inland Empire California Writers Club, I didn't always love the administrative aspects of the position on a board level. But I adored planning and executing the general meetings. Thinking of ways to motivate people to be creative. To inspire in them even just a kernel of an idea that might grow and grow and leave them fulfilled. Now that was a challenge that I loved.

And so is this project, something I love. I am so grateful to my friend for allowing me to run with his idea. I am so grateful to all who are participating now. I do hope you will write with me, share with me, be inspired and inspiring.

Ok, off to do another happy dance.

And I promise to not wake you up at two in the morning with my ideas. I will wait until at least 4:30.


H said...

You never did get the hang of timezones tho......

Simply Heather said...

I'm happy dancing with you, Laura Jayne...you're probably a little more elegant than I? hahaha

You might picture me as you would to see Goofy (that Disney character) happy dancing. It's so much fun to dance this way :o).

Thank you for just being you and for sharing all of what you wrote here. I can totally relate to your midnight awakenings, wanting desperately to share with someone who really "gets it" and see's the excitement of it with you. I enjoy hearing about you & your hubby too...it's sweet, cute and similar (although mine doesn't ask me to sing to him...hahaha - understandable).

I may just be awake at that same time (maybe not; as I'm in VT) but you won't find me on here; my computer is downstairs and would be a bother in awakening the rest of the clan in this tiny house.

But...I do have those midnight awakenings filled with inspiration and promise that may stick with me for the next morning, or may not. Either way...they're still so exciting, aren't they?

I am truly blessed that you've created Pictures, Poetry & Prose. It's been...well you know, quite a large stepping stone for my growth.

I appreciate you, Laura Jayne! yup-yup

Simplicity said...

Yay for you!! It's wonderful when you can actually bring it all together into something rewarding.

I love your other blog. I'm not a think-on-the-spot kind of person so I enjoy reading other people's entries more than anything.

Keep up the fabulous work!!