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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Dark Haiku

Isn't it odd where the writing comes from on occasion? I was visiting a few blogs this morning. Just seeing what was offered in the blogger universe. And I linked from The One Minute Writer to Musings.

It was a fun little post A Russian Proverb. The proverb itself was - You cannot write in the chimney with charcoal. The imagery of being trapped and only having a bit of charcoal to leave a mark was rather strong and I thought about what you might write in this metaphorical or perhaps even literal situation. And so this haiku worked its way out of me. And there is something that feels good about letting these words out.

dark hopes leave me trapped
wishing only to escape
coal stained fingers speak

1 comment:

SSQuo said...

Your words are beautiful Laura Jayne - me like.