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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Had my company holiday party last night. We went to a wonderful fondue restaurant that is local. It was great fun. Soooo glad they put us in the back room with closing doors. We got a little bit rowdy. They have the best mixed drinks there. I had a Love Martini - which is made with... Malibu rum, Peach Schnapps, cranberry juice and fresh strawberries. Okay, I had more than just "a" martini... like three. But it was a party and a bit of fun felt very nice.

I was in charge of the games (which I have been at our Holiday parties for the past 15 years). They may grumble and groan a bit, but every year people are laughing and having a wonderful time.

I gave each person as they came in a bell, an index card with number and took a Polaroid picture of them making a funny face.

There were four courses for dinner. Starting with cheese fondue, then salad, then the entree and ending with Oh-my-heaven delicious chocolate fondue. Each course the photos went in a basket and then got passed back around and where ever your picture ended up that was where you sat for that round. There were 3 tables so it mixed things up nicely. I think we may have stressed the wait staff out a bit, but I tipped well. And it kept the conversations fresh and fun.

The bells were a game that I did once at a baby shower with diaper pins. You got a pin and then if someone caught you saying the word baby you had to give up your pin(s). So every one was belled as they came in and you couldn't say the word NO. It was hilarious watching people get caught. By the end of the evening it was down to just a couple of people. And they were saying yes to everything. I had ten bells at one point and 30 seconds later lost them all.

The index cards was the last game, everyone wrote on their card one random fact. With twenty people the facts ran the gamut from... "I know how to milk a cow." (mine) to "I have been skydiving."... then before dessert I read all the facts out loud and they had to match the facts to the person. The two winners of the game tied at seven correct answers. But the average was three. Some of the cards were so funny and we were laughing hard by then end of it.

So that was my night. And I really had a good time. I took an Advil and drank a big glass of water before slipping into bed so really the only thing that hurts this morning is my feet from wearing the high heels.

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cw2smom said...

You are sooo creative! I love the games you did! Isn't it wonderful when we get over ourselves, let loose and be silly that we have the most fun EVER! I wish I could have been at that party!!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Lisa