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Thursday, December 18, 2008

And I Just Sighhhhhh

Here is a bit of advice for you young moms. You will be tempted at some point to use this argument. Your youngish kid (most likely teenager) will want to do something to themselves that you do not like. Tattoo, weird hair, piercing... etc... you will think to say, "When you pay your own way, pay your own bills then you can do what you want. Until then, NO."

This is what can happen... Matt, he works hard, pays his own way, is 21... but as a Mom, I really wish I could still say NO.

So my advice, don't give them that little speach, always hold onto VETO rights. Yes, I know it will still probably happen, but at least you can be grumpy about it.


Simplicity said...

Yes indeed the little stinkers do remind you of saying that when they start paying their own way, don't they?!

Jessica said...

My mom always told me that if my hair or wanting a piercing was the extent of my rebellion then she did okay. Haha! I think she was right. It could be a lot worse. :)

Simply Heather said...

Handsome young snapper you got there, Laura Jayne...even with his fanciful hair :o).

It's hard to watch them make their own choices, but I certainly remember making mine ;o). Yes, I hold a perfectly little homemade blue heart on the top of my left arm. Made it when I was 19, just to have something special between a friend and myself to say that we were sisters in the right of being young. hmmm...maybe I need to share that in my blog (the experience) - we'll see.

Yet, you inspire me once again, Miss Laura Jayne (thank you).

Pienovski said...

Lol. Noted.

I hope, oneday, when I get mine, they'd be as easy as I was. My brothers are a different story though... and there are 4 of them. Seen it all, heard it all... I didn't even know so many hairstyles existed! New hair every month.

NLL said...

Well, now, this would be Laura Jayne's mom - she who named the first-born and spelled her middle name with an extra letter so she'd have THAT small burden to bear all her life. Also, gives her a writer's extra interesting name to publish by - that's the operative word here, P-U-B-L-I-S-H.

So, being among the first humid-bean to see that handsome young man in the photo, when first he was borned, I knew right away he was destined for greatness. How else could he turn out, being my first-borned grandchild, which makes him extra-special as grands go. Not to mention that if I were, myself, a few - well, QUITE a few! - years younger and not being related by blood - oh, no, I mustn't even go down that road of thought, being a grand, myself, in the scheme of things.