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Monday, December 29, 2008

Miraculous Game

Four weeks ago I would not have believed this possible. But my boy's... the San Diego Chargers... will be going to the play offs.

On Sunday night we played the Denver Broncos. They had lost their last few games to put us in the position for this game to be a go on or go home situation for both of us.

And the final score SD 52 - Den 21.

We left no doubt. Rivers was 15-of-20 for 207 yards. Sproles had two touch downs, LT three and Hester had one. We played an all out offensive game and our defense stepped up and played like the team I knew they could be.

So we will be playing Indianapolis at home next weekend. And you know at this point, anything is possible. It has been a bizarre and sometimes miraculous season.

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~ Denise ~ said...

Congrats! I sure wish my 49'ers would have a few miracles bestowed on them. (...anytime in this decade would be nice! lol) I can only keep saying, "But we are in the rebuilding decade" for one more decade since I've already said it for two. ;)