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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Loss, a Nice Day Anyway

And so my boys in blue, my Chargers, (American Football, San Diego Chargers) have lost yet again. I fear any hopes for a good season have been dashed with this loss on Sunday to the Atlanta Falcons.

It was a good game, for a bit. The ups and downs of sports is something I enjoy. That is hubby and me in the picture on this past beautiful Sunday afternoon. His arm, my feet (in case you weren't sure). But in the end too many mistakes were made and mostly by a man I am ever increasingly frustrated with. Norv Turner (head coach) makes some decisions I entirely do not agree with. I do believe he may not be long for the job he currently holds. Fans are getting restless and this 4-8 season with a team that at the beginning of the season had Super Bowl aspirations does not bode well, in my mind, for his job security.

But the tailgating was nice. The beautiful winter sun was lovely. The hot dog and peanuts were good. And we had quite a few good plays that were worth cheering for. So, I am sad that my boys lost. But happy I had a lovely day out with Hubby at the game.

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Simply Heather said...

Hahaha - his arm, my feet...I hoped so. Very nice toes, btw :o>.
You must really have a great camera, such clarity.

I'm not a football watcher, yet; although, I do believe a day will come when atleast one of my boys plays it and then...oh yes...then I will love it. They've molded me into a sports lover (baseball, basketball, Nascar - well dad did that :o>).

Thanks for sharing a little more of you, Laura Jayne.