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Friday, February 27, 2009

Cliché Incorporated

Written as a response to a prompt to be as cliche'd as possible.


The ball was in her court and Brenda knew she could talk the talk and walk the walk because this time she had thought outside the box and was pushing the envelope and now she was on a stepping stone to broaden her horizons, yes, she now could see the big picture. At her interview she had gone the extra mile, hadn’t beat around the bush as she had cast her net while going forward with their dog and pony show. Now Brenda had a decisively categorical game plan and at the culmination of this new day her end goal was that they would know she had hit the ground running. This new job was a building block that would dovetail with her strategy to become a head honcho. Not like her preceding job where she had not covered all her bases and had left no fallback position when she had pushed a paradigm shift and in the end she had burned her bridge when she had not kept her boss in loop in what she had thought was a no brainer.

Brenda’s take no prisoners attitude had left a bad taste in their mouths and she had been unable to do damage control and now she knew she had been wrong to put all her eggs in one basket because she had had to pay the piper a pretty penny. But after that debacle she had put her ducks back in a row, moved her goal posts and now she was in the zone, she was moving forward. Her slate was clean and it was time to put her finger in the pie of productivity, work to the program even if that meant she would have to slave for Mr. Big 24/7. She would be proactive, performant and come out shooting with both barrels while she kept her eye on the prize. Brenda opened the door to her future and pressed the flesh at the meet and greet and as she and the current BMOC talked shop she knew she had squared the circle and everything was back on track.

Yes, Brenda knew she had finally and truly found her niche here at Cliché Incorporated.


Not The Rockefellers said...

I actually know people that talk like this 24/7. :)

At the end of the day I realize that they are only trying to keep it real.

It is what it is, right?

Peace - Rene

cw2smom said...

Wow...I am sooooo impressed! I love cliches' but doubt that I could pull off what you did without some serious thought! Fun stuff! Blessings, Lisa

Bobbi said...

Great cliches'! This was a fun prompt.

Shadows said...

>.< >.< >.< and so forth! Great example of what NOT to do...Heh.

Fragrant Liar said...

Totally awesome, dude.