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Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Conversation

This was written from a writing challenge at group where the goal was to write with no he said/she said tags. It was a fun little piece to work out.


“Yes, my darling Julia.”
“Do you know what day it is?”
“Oh, that’s always a dangerous question. I didn’t forget our anniversary did I?”
“No, that was two months ago.”
“Did I miss your birthday?”
“No, don’t you remember, you quoted me that wonderfully romantic poem you composed. Much better than any flowers or candy could ever be now.”
“Well, than I’m sorry my love, I do not know what day it is. What have I forgotten?”
“It’s Valentine’s Day, Nathan. Our first date all those many, many, many years ago.”
“Oh, Sweet Pea how could I have forgotten that?”
“Do you remember where we went Nathan?”
“Of course, I remember everything about that day. I took you to Seaside Park. You were the prettiest girl there.”
“Oh, you always say the nicest things.”
“Well, you were. You wore that white sundress and flowers in your hair. I was quite smitten you know?”
“Oh, and you … so very handsome. And so nervous. Well, I guess we both were nervous. Blind dates seldom work out quite as well as ours.”
“And you insisted we ride the coaster five times if I remember correctly.”
“No, I believe it was six.”
“You always did love a thrill my sweetness.”
“You’re the biggest thrill in my life Nathan.”
“What would I do without you?”
“Well, probably not much. These golden years are certainly not very exciting. But we do have each other.”
“Yes, and that is all I have needed these years. When you and I made the decision I thought perhaps that I might grow bored, but living without you was not, is not, ever an option. I have never been bored with you.”
“Oh Nathan, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Darling Julia, I love you more and more every moment we are together. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.”
“Nathan, do you remember the time we…..”


Forevercorp, Inc.
Med-Journal Entry #0088826 –
Date 2/14/2399 – Time 14:39
Adora Sung / Cerebral Mainline Technician
Both subjects na998/male and ju999/female are stable and functioning at peak levels. Routine fluid replacement on na998/male subject was performed at 08:30 with no noticeable adverse reaction from subject. Both subjects continue to interact at optimal levels. At 13:30 ju999/female had a brief displacement of electrical current that if allowed to continue could cause overloading in na998/male’s centerline. Recommend rewiring of ju999/female’s cerebral cortex main line within the next month. Both subjects will need to be rewired simultaneously to avoid any possible contamination with core cerebral circuits.


Adora Sung looked up to the shelf directly in front of her at the two brains floating in plexi-glass containers of fluorescent green hydro-liquid. The compuscreen to her left continued to reflect their loving conversation and Adora felt suddenly as if she was eavesdropping. Cataloging their forty-three years worth of printouts had been her first job at Forevercorp. She had grown to know all there was to know about Nathan and Julia’s love and yet the tenderness of it still touched her. Reaching up she flicked off the monitor as she pushed the button for the vidphone to call Jerome. She needed to tell him she loved him, after all it was Valentine’s Day.


Johnnny said...

Hello and greetings from Fargo, North Dakota. Thank you for leaving a comment on my post of the press secretary's top 15 responses. Just so you know, my other site is milesfest.blogspot.com where my wife and I post some of our add-on poems, which are fun to read, if you're in the right mood. More later, Johnnny

cw2smom said...

This is such a great story Laura! Wow, some day, this may be possible to do. Scary in a way, huh. Maybe there's some stuff we don't want others to know. But that love stuff...why not! Blessings, Lisa