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Sunday, February 8, 2009

And Even More Snow

The snow keeps coming down and down and down. Hubby says we will be able to drive home, down off the mountain, this afternoon, but I am not so sure.

But I did take the opportunity to finish the little dragonfly paintings for my sister's newly remodeled bathroom.


Lee said...

Snow? No, I don't want snow. But rain, I would love a little of that!

Contest Chris said...

Great dragonfly paintings! I haven't seen it snow forever. This is the featured post over at Worth a Thousand Words.

Roger A. Gavrillo said...

Twenty years ago, I was teaching a student to make a rawhide drum. That drum featured a rather crude painting of mine-a dragonfly.Later, I learned that dragonflies are a very positive symbol. I now look at them in a different light, especially when they fill the air at twilight in an open spot in the back 40. Love your dragonfly. Good work!