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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


How lovely to recieve such a lovely award from Miss Pienovski. Thank you!

So to pass on the lovely love I offer this award to...

Simply Heather

~ Denise ~



Each one of these blogs I so love to visit and read. Thank you for all being so lovely creative and making my day better.


Simply Heather said...

Thank you, Laura Jayne...now I can't officially be the one to give it to you but I would have ;o).

cw2smom said...

Oh Laura!! I am soooo honored! Especially to come from someone like you who has amazing writing abilities, I am truly awestruck!! Is my blog still lovely after writing about poop and dirty dancing? LOL!! Blessings, Lisa

~ Denise ~ said...

Wowee, Laura Jane...thanks so much! ;)

gwenlyn said...

Hey; Laura Jayne,
Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my #3 follower! I look forward to your inspirations!