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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow, what a morning...

This was my drive this morning. Forgive the blurry, but this was going 85 MPH down a California freeway. The sky was amazing. We had a rain last night and into this morning. Going down one freeway there was blue sky off to the left and dark clouds on the right, this is heading south.

Then I made the transition to the west bound freeway so the sun was rising behind me and I was driving towards the dark clouds. And this amazing double rainbow appeared. It was so beautiful. I hoped it would still be visible by the time I got to work just 4 1/2 minutes later so I could capture the whole thing in a series of pictures and stitch them together for you, but sadly the rain started to pour and the sky turned so dark. But for a brief moment this morning, there was magic.


Kevin L. Stone said...

Wow, cool pictures. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. The coolest Bird feeder in the world was a really cool project. Even though I stood in the back and watched it was really neat to see. I am glad that someone out there liked it as well. Thanks again. Kevin

Roger A. Gavrillo said...

I'd love to see rainbows and rain...But not right now. We had a delightful 42 degree day on Friday and the sun is melting the snow.Rain would bring the river up to our front door. From experience, I know that pictures never do justice to the actual event. Your pictures were amazing. It must have been even more exciting to see it in person.