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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dumb Injury

So I couldn't decide where to post this post. I mean, I am in pain so I thought perhaps Despair, Devastation & Dysfunction but that seems a bit to melodramatic for this bit of stupidness. So I thought to come to you for my sympathy. I have hurt my back. At 8:07 this morning (and I know the time only because my boss had asked me the time at 8:06 and this happened one minute later) I sneezed. Just an ordinary sneeze... achhhooo... bless you.... ohhhh crap. The pain raditated from that spot just above the bottom and felt like a fire was burning. And I began to cuss, and cuss some more.

The phone rang, I had to take the call. I am sure the person on the other end was wondering if I was having an erotic sexual experience as I gasped and my breathing grew labored. But alas nothing enjoyable about this stupid sneezing back aching injury. Just pain and more pain. And it isn't even like you can expect any real sympathy as in the telling people they just start laughing.

So I will keep taking asprin, and when I get home turn on the heating pad. But in the mean time... owwwwww.

Hey you... stop laughing.


Simply Heather said...

Well...you can be thankful that you didn't pee your pants as well :o).

Sorry to hear that you're in pain, Laura Jayne :o(.

Roger A. Gavrillo said...

Back pain isn't fun, really.It's also not a dumb injury. A friend who operates a small natural foods grocery was used to heavy lifting. When she sneezed and threw her back out, I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. After a log cabin building workshop in which I was forced to sleep in the upper bunk with an ancient cotton mattress, I could hardly walk. Each breath was a living hell. Hope you feel better soon.

septembermom said...

Hope you feel better. Take care of yourself. It's scary how such a sharp pain can overtake you in a moment.

Floris said...

well, the injury was dumb as you said. Not you... you were just a innocent victim of that dumb injury. Glad that it is better now :)

~ Denise ~ said...

Back to back: crap!

hope you feel better soon! ;)

Simplicity said...

Oh my! Back pain is simply awful! Sorry to hear about the sneezeache!

Heating pads are a wonderful thing to snuggle up to at the end of a long, painful day!

Hope you're feeling better!

Cat said...

I have found that there is not much I can do to ease the pain in my back when I have hurt it - because - think about it - you always use it - no matter what position - get some rest and feel better!