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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Boyfriend

Thank you all for your kind thoughts about my silly back injury. Glad to report it is all better. Work has been crazy busy, mostly because I work for a crazy boss who chews up and spits out the woman we find willing to do the front office position. They do a lot of typing and work directly for him and he is hard to please. Another one has been fired and still not sure what exactly was wrong. So I have to wade through another mile high stack of resumes and try to find the perfect fit that won't go running, crying her eyes out after three days. He just wants exactly what he wants when he wants it, which is a boss' perogative. Just finding the right person who can give it to him is a challenge.

On a personal note I think I have found a guy to throw off my husband for. Yes, Hubby is great, loves me, takes great care of me, is caring and warm, affectionate and fun. But come on... he isn't yellow and balding, and who could resist that?

Oh, Homer... let's go have a Duff and a donut....

Mmmmmm... donut.


Sally's World said...

he's taller than i thought he would be.....i love tall men, hubba hubba, hope your husband's not the jelous type!

septembermom said...

Homer as a hubby stand in could come in handy! He would always watch YOUR TV shows and give you control of the remote! Glad to hear that you are feeling better :)