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Sunday, June 21, 2009

25 Questions - 6

25 questions from an interview found in the back of Vanity Fair while I was getting a pedicure. I invite anyone to answer with me these questions, here as a comment or on your own blog and leave me a link/note.

Question #6 ~

What is your current state of mind?

Our daughter informed us on Thursday that her boyfriend asked her to marry him (he is home on two weeks leave from the Navy). The first leave that they have spent together as a couple as all their previous being together has been online. They are getting married on Tuesday.

I am worried. Worried that my beautiful 23 year old daughter is making a what may be mistake and worried at the rush. We have expressed all these worries to her in this very brief time she has given us to digest and respond and try to make sense out of this. She is an adult and seems to be making an adult decision, and I will hope for the best in all of this. She is in love and in love there is always hope.


Ana V. Rios said...

These would make great writing prompts too. I might use some of them on my Just To Write writing prompt blog (www.justtowrite.com). Thank you. I think we can and should all answer these questions to self-evaluate ourselves and get to know ourselves better, as well as others.

Jessica said...

I can see why you are worried. My sister-in-law made the same decision, but she was 26. My mother-in-law was so worried. Her and the guy hadn't even kept in touch online. They hadn't seen each other since high school. Thankfully they came to their senses. So, maybe there's hope. :)

H said...

Ill yet buzzing.
When my body is ick, my brain always decides it wants to do so much.