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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 Questions - 1

I saw this interview in the back of the May Sunset magazine. I thought I would answer one question a day for the next 25 days in order to get motivated to write again. Some answers may be short, maybe others whole essays. I am not sure and am only going to focus on one a day. I invite you to join me by commenting here answering these questions yourself or on your blog and letting me know with a link.

Question #1 ~

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Well now, that is just an easy one to start out with isn't it! Can you be perfectly happy? The stresses of life are all around all the time. My mother is very sick with cancer. Money is always an issue. I worry about my children (23, 22, 20, 20) and the choices or lack of choices they are making. My job does not make me happy. And yet, there was a moment last night, just Hubby and me were home watching TV, Two and a Half Men was on and Charlie and Jake were tossing coins against a wall. I questioned the game and Hubby laughed at me... "Haven't you ever pitched pennies?" It wasn't ten minutes later that we were out front of my house each with a handful of pennies tossing them at the curb. And laughing, lovely full figured tummy laughs. He won, but I took two games after I got the technique down. In that moment I was perfectly happy. The stresses of life are still there, of course they are, but I allowed the happiness to flow. I took the moment and just was happy.

I think when we allow happiness it will always be perfect. Little or big, pitching pennies or holding your child in your arms for the first time... it doesn't matter, it just needs to be accepted.

(For those who are as naive as I was about this "game"... all you do is toss the pennies to the curb, closest penny wins, we played best out of five... though hubby said he would hustle the kids for lunch money in grade school with this game and usually ended up tossing quarters.)


cw2smom said...

Love this Laura! I've never pitched pennies either! Must give it a try! But...I did zipline in Ketchican, Alaska recently! Keep having those happy thoughts! Lisa

Jessica said...

What a wonderful idea. I just may steal it. I've had writers block terribly lately and I feel like I'm letting what readers I have down.

Laura Jayne said...

@ Lisa... zipline looks like so much fun. :) Very happy thoughts

@ Jessica... Oh, would love to have you answer these along with me. There are a few I want to skip, but am going to try and remain faithful to the 25 day project.

H said...

They say its when you dont have to ask "am I happy" but thats a little too easy a cop out. Its also not having everything perfect - if it were, some will never be happy.
Perfect Happiness is not real, Perfectly Happy Moments are, and enough of those, and I'm happy.
If I can have the days where I spend wandering the streets with a friend window shopping, then spend the evening drinking Hot Chocolate and just enjoying the quiet with them, then I can take the days where I hurt and work sucks, and call myself Happy and mean it. Throw in the days when I go and try something for the first time and make an ass of myself and STILL end the day smiling and feeling good - I'm happy and I mean it, and you can bring on the bad blood test result, I'll get by you too...
String enough good and trample the bad and its not perfect but its happy enough for me