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Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 Questions - 10

25 questions from an interview found in the back of Vanity Fair while I was getting a pedicure. I invite anyone to answer with me these questions, here as a comment or on your own blog and leave me a link/note.

Question #10 ~

What do you most value in your friends?

Ok, this is going to sound a bit stupid, but I most value their friendship.

People come and go in your life. Friendships rise and fall, woosh at the beginning then fade a bit after time. Some friends you may not talk to for weeks, months, years and yet when you come back together sometimes it is like you were never apart. Yet others you pass by at the mall or grocery store just by coincidence and you barely say hello. There was no fight, no big breakup just life changes and so sometimes friendships falter.

So what I value is the immediate and what positive things a person brings into my life at the moment. Do I hope some friends will still be with me when I am old and grey (ok, grey-er, but the box of red fixes that issue still) of course, but I know the odds aren't with me. So I laugh and enjoy their friendship while I have it. I give truly of myself and try to not hold back the real me. I know misunderstandings will happen and I try to live by the Golden Rule and treat every friend like I hope they will treat me.

So, I value most in my friends their friendship.

(Picture of me and my very good friend Kay from... OMG... about 9-10 years ago now... and yes, we are still friends, and I value it so very much.)

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H said...

Give and take and the understanding it needs. A good friend just connects like a bit of a jigsaw, sometimes you are attached all the time, sometimes you connect and hold for a bit, but in each way you fill a need in each other that just noone else really could.