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Monday, January 12, 2009

This I Believe - Inviting

I was driving home tonight listing to NPR (National Public Radio) and heard a great essay on their series, This I Believe, Inviting The World to Dinner. If you click on the link you will hear it told in the author's own voice. Also note on the NPR Website there is a place to offer up your own This I Believe essay, and I know some of you reading this are damn fine writers.

The thing that struck me was that this was, in a way, what I wanted to do when I created Pictures, Poetry & Prose. I wanted to invite new friends to offer up themselves creatively, to find relationships with their words as they shared with others from all over the globe. I wanted my invitation to be open to any one who wanted to drop by. I wanted the place I created to be inviting and welcoming, a place where people felt comfortable to offer up precious pieces of themselves.

I hope if you decide to share there or if you do already you will feel some of this sense of a welcoming community that I want PP&P to be for you.

My house isn't big enough to have dinner parties every Sunday for more than three people. But if you are ever in Southern California and want to meet for coffee, anytime at all, let me know. Friends are precious and you're definitely a friend.


Roger A. Gavrillo said...

Thank you for telling me of this particular program. I'm a serious NPR groupie. You too are always welcome at Bobalinda's B&B ( a fanciful place). Right now we're buried in snow. It's bit chilly, but in May the pristine beauty of Southwestern Wisconsin is breathtaking.

Jessica said...

I think you have a wonderful thing going over at Pictures, Poetry, and Prose. I've met some of the most wonderful people on your blog page.

Thank you for sharing this as well. I'm heading over to the link to check it out now. :)

SSQuo said...

PPP is lovely. We havent met but you and PPP have a distinct and warm aura around you. I know it sounds weird, but its possible to feel that right?

OK, I wont push you for a dinner, but I'll take you up on the coffee if ever I am on your side of town. :)

Thanks for creating PPP!

CDB said...

I love "This I Believe", many of them get me teary. I contributed to PP&P today, hope to every day that I can. When life doesn't happen. So to speak.

Thanks for thinking this up. I'm on the East Coast, so see you in the blogosphere!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm a little bit far away (England) but you would be welcome for dinner if you were passing! :) I'm usually too busy with the other things I'm writing (which have deadlines) to spend time on the beautiful tasks you set, but I always look at your prompt and dedicate at least thoughts if not written words to it. By the way, do let me know if you'd like to use any of my photos (see Flickr), they are all copyright to me but I'm happy for you to use any you like as long as you put a link :)

Laura Jayne said...

Roger... I would love to stay at a fanciful place, just the sort of thing I fancy.

Jessica... I love that you said this, every day I love sharing there as meeting new people has become such a major joy in this.

SSQuo... what a lovely compliment, an aura for Laura :).

CDB... I know just what you mean about teary for the "This I Believe" series. I always turn up my radio for them.

Rachel... thank you for the dinner invite. Wonder if you could plan a trip around the world staying each night at a blogger friend's home. Might be an interesting experiment. Probably not one for me as this damn pesky work thing keeps getting in the way of world travel. Thank you so for your generous offer for your photos for PP&P I will so happily take you up on it. :)