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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Melancholy, Morose & Miserable Blog

After talking with a friend about blogging recently the subject came up about why he did not want to blog.

Because, he offered, when he would have discussions with people, maybe a nice dinner with a friend and ask them about _____ they would reply, well I wrote about it on my blog. And it was clear, that by not reading ever single self important narcissistic word (hey wait, that might be me too), he had disappointed them mightily.

Ok, so, first thing I vow here and now, never to say that. Though I do admit when we talk and I have written a poem or short story, I might poke around a bit to see if he has read it. Well, I know that is my hugely stroke needing writer's ego. But I never claimed to be perfect.

But even my mother doesn't read my blog on a regular basis... MOMMMMMMMM.... if you are reading this leave a damn comment so my delicate daughter ego is stroked.

He also felt he had nothing good in his life right now. Life pretty much sucks a good portion of the time, sometimes. I mean, we all have days, weeks, months (yikes) even years, where Murphy moves in to our spare bedroom and makes sure everything that can go wrong does.

So, I have added an additional blog to my own personal blogisphere (yeah, I did, stop scolding I have time didn't you see on The One Minute Writer today, the prompt is about Making Time, it must be possible, just need the right alchemy) Despair, Devastation & Dysfunction - http://desdevdys.blogspot.com/ . So I invite any and all to become contributors, just email me your Google email and I will add you, (even you, you cheery optimist you, I know you have days you want to rant about something.) :)


Simply Heather said...


Me, Heather? Not me. Did I spill something not so optimistic out somewhere? Oh yeah, maybe a little (ever so nicely though) in my last post ;o).

Everybody needs to rant a bit...gotta get it out.

I like this post, Laura Jayne. I don't really see many who read my blog and the ones that do only read half of what's written anyway...they have no time for such things as sitting at the computer to read ya know... (humpff and hahaha).

I find that things bother be much more than normal once a month, but even so - they do bother me and I do need to share it...maybe you'll see me now and then at your new site, time and rant will tell.

~with an optimistic smile, Heather

Simply Heather said...

Hey you. No, you've never hurt my feelings. I don't know that you've ever even said anything negative to me (?)...are you thinking negative about me (?) hahaha
(I'm picking at you, Laura Jayne)

Scriptor's brother, Graham, shared something with me on his blog about my post yesterday that I thought you'd appreciate too, because of you're recent conversation with a friend. It encourages us to keep blogging and the importance of it.

Oh, last night - I thought I needed to use your new blogsite for sure. Sometimes that hubby of mine cannot keep from stabbing me with his blurtations (probably not a word but it is now ;o>). I'm all better by today though. Sorry, nothing to share over there...but the thoughts have been amusing.

♥ Heather

Roger A. Gavrillo said...

File this in the "you think you got it bad..." when it comes to getting a comment or response from people. I've been writing since I'd jot down comments on a 45 minute commute in 1971. I refined my writings from mimeographed tomes(I'm really old) to ink jet print volumes with crazy pictures and a few outrageous stories. I started my blog with no attachment to anyone EVER reading it. A few times I'd even fish for comments with follow-up calls. My kids are the worst for taking things for granted.

I had to laugh when I read one of the "Despair" entries. Figured it was a crafty way of turning despair into humor.Way to go!

Brett said...

Great blog

Malty said...

Blogging is a way of coming to terms with your misery. My blog definitely helps:)