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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me & More Me

I Am: a contradictory juxtaposition of complications... really... I am

I Want: often... today I want to go for a bike ride, but hubby is sick, suppose I could go by myself, but that isn't much fun

I Have: too many little dogs who misbehave... have to stop going to the pound, such a sucker for their poor little sad faces

I Wish: every day... something different, today's... hmmm... haven't made it yet

I Fear: this post will be cliché or just annoying... go ahead, you can tell me, I will only cry a little

I Hear: hubby snoring... poor sick baby with a snuffly nose

I Search: for clean clothes... maybe I should wish for a laundry elf

I Wonder: how long I will have to put up with Norv Turner as coach for my Chargers... yes, MY... if you are a fan, they are always My team

I Regret: that third cinnamon roll this morning... so didn't need that extra one, yeah, ok, extra two

I Love: all the time... and easily, and sincerely, and completely

I Always: take every kiss offered to me... and hubby is good at offering kisses

I Usually: forgive... holding onto hate is too much effort

I Am Not: meant to be thin... hubby likes my bottom, I like hubby, seems to work better than that diet

I Dance: every single day... one of my wedding vows

I Sing: so very badly... except when I have had those Long Island Iced Teas and someone says... ohhh, let's Karaoke, I know I sing so great then

I Never: have sky dived, mountain climbed, scuba dived... but I would

I Rarely: frown ... I like being happy

I Cry: when my children hurt... but they are strong and independent so far, so good

I Am Not Always: what I seem... but only because some only see what they want me to be

I’m Confused: not at the moment... but maybe tomorrow will be stranger

I Need: not a whole lot, life is decently good... knock on wood

I Should: do some laundry... but really think I can put it off for just a bit more

You and more you... what are your answers? Do let me know if you post this meme on your blog.

Thank you to Heather for her wonderful answers to all of these on her blog was an interesting challenge to take on.


Lee said...

Nice answers. Fleshes out the image of you.

maryanndipity said...

Hello, Thank you stopping by and visiting me :)

I always like reading these. It always makes me see how different or the same we are no matter where we are in the world!

~ Denise ~ said...

I love that you dance everyday! ;)

I've joined in and posted my own answers ...

Fragrant Liar said...

I like your answers, especially the one about dancing everyday. I think that's a good one to adopt, so thanks for sharing! ;)