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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Juicy Watermelon

We spent the weekend up at Mom & Dad's in the mountains. It was lovely cold and still quite a bit of snow on the ground. Living in Southern California you get to miss the seasons quite a bit, so having a few days of actual winter is nice. We played a lot of cards, Rummy and Canasta. Martha wrote a bit about that the other day.

Did the pottery painting again, two reasons, gets us out of the house for a while. Love my mom, but we can get a little... well... we push each other's buttons sometimes. And because it is fun, and Hubby will do it with me. He picked a mug to paint too, his is blue and gold (go Chargers!!). He is a sport nut and not a craft nut, so I really appreicate him doing these silly things with me.

This is my mug. I really like how it turned out. The little seeds inside were so much harder than I thought, spent 20 minutes with a teeny-tiny brush just painting little black seeds. It is a fairly big cup, more for soup, or maybe hot chocolate, since I don't drink coffee.

Four days off work was entirely lovely. But back to work I went yesterday. Much to do for year end. Sigghhh.... isn't it time to retire yet?


Simply Heather said...

Wonderfully done, Laura Jayne. I understand about the little seeds; those are the parts of projects that tug at my patience ;o).

Mom2three said...

This is so impressive! I loved doing ceramics when my kids were younger, but not much time lately. You did a fabulous job. Those tedious seeds were worth it!

Jessica said...

Wow! Your mug is absolutely beautiful!

Simplicity said...

I love your new mug!! Very well done! I really enjoy playing cards. Actually, my nephews just introduced me to Mancala.