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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Power to Stop

I thought the prompt at The One Minute Writer today was particularly thought provoking. If you were all-powerful, would you stop all war? If so, how?


If I gave you the ability to feel another's physical pain you would still cut him down for your rightous cause.

If I gave you the ability to know another thoughts and fears you would use that to your advantage and magnify his fears for your desires to be fulfilled.

If I gave you the curse to suffer the mental anguish of another man's loss of family and home you would say it was justified to the ends you desire and shake it off like blanket that is too hot and smothering.

We, all men, already know the pain we inflict. We already know how those we decide to hate suffer and fear as we slash and burn. We see their grief, we feel it inside, as they tear their hair and weep out their despair as a child lays dieing in the street. It hasn't stopped, it will not stop for man can justify anything for a cause he believes to be true. Religion, land, wealth, a way of life, freedom, opression, we will always find a reason that makes our hearts and minds numb to others.

No God can stop it. And so He feels our suffering, He knows our fears, aches for our loss of innocence. He weeps bitter tears every moment of every day.

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