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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soup Bowl for a Friend

We... Hubby and I... are in Idyllwild this weekend. It is a lovely little mountain community about an hour and a half drive from our home. It is where my parents live. But this weekend my parents are in Arizona visiting my grandfather for the Thanksgiving holiday so we have the cabin to ourselves. It has been lovely.

There is not much to do up here. Hike, sit and read, sit and do whatever hobby you like (I did a bit of painting but nothing seemed to work well). The town is small and once you have walked it, wandering in and out of the little touristy shops there isn't much else. One place I do enjoy is the paint-your-own-pottery place, Earth & Fire. Raw pottery lines the shelves you pick out what you want, bowls and plates, cups and piggy banks, knicky-knacky stuff, and paint with glazes and they fire it over night. We come up here to Mom & Dad's mountain to stay and relax quite a few weekends out of the year and so we have quite a fun collection of our own silly painted bowls and plates. But it is even more enjoyable to make something for someone else.

This bowl (not yet fired, thus the dull colors) is for my Highlander friend in Scotland. Those who write (or read) at Pictures, Poetry & Prose will know him for his photography, which is wonderful. I know him for so much more, his generous heart, his sense of humor, his grumpy moods and his ability to cheer me up with a single word. And he likes soup, a lot it seems. So I offered to make him a Laura Jayne special soup bowl. Because every man needs a bowl with ladybugs on it!! I did include some wee four leaf clovers for luck. It is always more fun to make something like this for someone else. They just have to like it, even if it has bugs on it.

Hubby made a wonderful pasta plate that will go into use tonight when I make pasta for Mom and Dad's homecoming. I think something with seafood tonight and a fetuchini and maybe a white sauce. We will have to see, I tend to just toss stuff in until it seems done. Maybe I will pay a bit of attention this time and offer up a recipe or two here. I do so love to cook.

P.S. Just picked this up from the pottery store. I like it. :)


Simply Heather said...

Thank you for sharing your mini-vacation with me :o>. It swept me away into a quiet country setting; a place that my heart longs for...away from the normal. Finely done and really cute bowl...love the thought of making it for your friend, lady-bug and all. Prayerful blessings for a continued joyful weekend and a yummy homecoming dinner.

Anonymous said...

Ldybugs are the only known cure for the grumps.

The Wilted Lotus said...

Idyllwild is so peaceful and beautiful. I love it there. I used to camp and climb there...Tahquitz and Suicide. We would camp under the stars with no tent. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Jayne said...

WL - :) If you love Idyllwild be sure to check out Monday's picture at Pictures, Poetry & Prose. Hubby had the camera when the clouds rolled in and captured a great shot of Tahquitz.

Proud Mom said...

LJ, I had to smile when I saw this post... because today we took our boys to "paint" their Christmas ornaments. It's kinda funny how this all started... Four years ago, as I was Christmas shopping, I walked by a pottery cafe when I spotted an elf ornament through the window. I had to have two of them, one for each of my sons, BECAUSE they were exactly the same elf that my husband had "painted" for his Christmas ornament when he was 9 y/o in 1970!

Why did I wait 4 years? Because we thought it would be fun to see three version of the same elf painted by an 8, 9 & 10 year old boy! {Oh how I wanted to paint my own little elf, too... ;o)}

p.s. My son loved your ladybug bowl!