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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Bit of Rambling

The world turns on a wobbly axis. Some days it seems as if it is just a little off. As if the world shifted a bit and is spinning wrong. Today may be one of those days.

Hubby is back to working days this week. The last three he has been working nights and I just entirely hate that. And I don't sleep well without his snoring next to me. Isn't it funny how we get used to such a thing and grow to need it?

It is Thanksgiving week. I am not a holiday lover. Would rather skip most. Partly I think because for so many years Hubby and I had to worry which home our children would be in. We are both here together in our second marriages and for 15 years made it work driving children here and there and trying to make the abnormal... normal on the holidays. They are grown now... 20, 20, 21, 22... but still we share them with the ex's and I suppose before too long it will be with in-laws, sighhh. And this year's Thanksgiving Hubby and I are driving up to the mountains. Any kids that come along will be welcome, but I think there will probably not be a turkey on the table, maybe a lovely pasta dish instead.

Today's Quote -
There is a quote from the movie Bull Durham that struck me today that works for baseball as well as life.

"You have to play this game with fear and arrogance."
~ Crash Davis

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nishaa said...

There is such a natural flow in the way you write.Its lovely.I really enjoyed reading this.

Loved that quote in the end about playing with fear and arroagnce.