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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

25 Questions - 21 & 22

25 questions from an interview found in the back of Vanity Fair while I was getting a pedicure. I invite anyone to answer with me these questions, here as a comment or on your own blog and leave me a link/note.

Question #21 ~

What is it that you most dislike?

When people say, "I am not judging you, but..."

Question #22 ~

What is your greatest regret?

If you regret something that implies you want something changed, done different. And while there are many things in my life I could have and some I should have done different, the chain reaction to any going back is just too monumental to imagine. So I try to learn from my mistakes and consider them lessons that were necessary, bumps in my path and consider how to do better in the future and try to the best of my ability to avoid regrets.


H said...

22 - I let the girl pass through my life without fighting for her.

21 - This month, at this exact moment, for so many reasons, I hate, despise, abhor and at the very least dislike religion in all its forms. This month.

stephanie taylor said...

I don't regret what I have done, only a few things I didn't do.