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Saturday, July 4, 2009

25 Questions - 16

25 questions from an interview found in the back of Vanity Fair while I was getting a pedicure. I invite anyone to answer with me these questions, here as a comment or on your own blog and leave me a link/note.

Question #16 ~

What is your most treasured possession?

Lately it has been Henry. My laptop computer. As it allows me to express myself in many different ways. Although paper and pen work well too where that is concerned. Henry is named Henry because it seemed to fit nicely. I connect with friends with Henry's help. I have made wonderful new friends with Henry's help. I help to inspire others to write and that fills my heart with joy.

Ask this question a month from now it might have a different answer, but today Henry is treasured.


glnroz said...

Nice to meet you "Henry"... and msLaura... glenn,, :)

...... Bobbi said...

My favorite occupation was stay-at-home mom, with a close runner-up of my current job as a writer. I'm going to have to go back and check out the first questions - I'm very behind with my blog reading!

H said...

So many things I love... theres a cork from a bottle of wine snuck into the office for a very special time, theres a wee blue stuffed animal, theres handmade bracelets in a brown wooden box I keep by my bed, a pocket watch that ticks away happily..my camera which has been everywhere with me and has the scars to show- all would break my heart a little if I lost them.

But theres one thing, just one little thing which I never consciously go looking for, never touch, its just always on a shelf and I see it now and then by chance.. a yellow toy crane like my Dad used to drive when I was growing up - he used to go away for days on end in his crane to make money, there was no work in town, and once when he came back he had this toy crane with him.

Everytime I see it, I rember when he used to take me with him, let me steer the wheel, pull a lever - I rember the smell of the oils and the roller coaster bumpy ride, and everyone sneaking a pound into an envelope for my "pay packet" at the end of the day.

Know what - he still drives cranes at the age of "too old" and I still get in the cab with him and smile like hell at the age of "nearly too old" everytime I'm back in town and he has a small job to go do.