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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Made the Book

So we are up in Idyllwild at my parent's home for the weekend. Mom is doing much better. The chemo has begun to do its work. She has had a host of secondary issues but nothing that the doctors so far can't deal with.

The last time we were up here hubby and I went to the pottery shop to spend a few hours painting. There is not a lot to do up here so it has become a bit of a ritual. It was a Sunday so my mom went and picked up our work the next day after they fired in the kiln. When Mom called me that afternoon to tell me she had picked up our stuff she said, "Oh, they made me wait, they wanted to take a picture of your plate for the book." Weeeee.... they have a book on the counter of items done by people that they consider good enough to share that might inspire others to get creative. I will be very vain here and say... I always wanted to be in the book. :)